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Dead Run

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Oh, go blow yourself up. Assholes. Jul. 4th, 2007 @ 11:38 pm
4th of July + College Neighborhood = Shits and Balls.
I hate them fucking all.

I saw Obama at his rally last Friday. It was neat.
Feeling: infuriatedSome people do work tomorrow.
Current Music: Howard Shore: Lord of the Rings Soundtrack

Small claim to fame Jun. 11th, 2007 @ 06:10 pm
Chris, my brother, is featured in today's woot.com listener mailbag.
Super sweet!

Sage advice Jun. 10th, 2007 @ 09:40 am
If you ever scratch your cornea this is one lesson I have learned on your behalf.
Do not wipe your eyes with a dry tissue. Use a wet paper towel.
Most of the pain I was experiencing was do to my eyes being dry. I went through an entire bottle of Advil in two days and an upset stomach for my trouble. So if there is one piece of advice I can pass along is that moisture is your eye's best friend.
This has been a "Well Fucking DUH!" moment.

I had a really sad but strange Kali dream last night.
She's always there for a moment all happy then the next it's terrible.

Rufus pics Jun. 9th, 2007 @ 11:33 am
So Rufus has a fondness for expensive electronics. It's no secret tat his favorite pillow is my mother's 60 gig video ipod.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised he mugged me and my mac book, just like he shouldn't be surprised I busted out photo booth on him.

Rufus loves teh mac bookCollapse )

I can't see Jun. 8th, 2007 @ 09:11 pm
hard to explain what happened but I hurt m eye and can't really open the other one.
this part will be written with my eyes closed because it's so hard to see.
Spent most of the day see[ong, feel realy crummy about that. Blew off Serinia and poor Joy.
I;m doing really good for typing with my eyes closed, lol.
Other entries
» well hello there
Funny how me and LJ are no longer on speaking terms since:
    a) They hit my journal with an ugly stick.
    b) I started playing WOW.

I hate my job, as much as anyone who's spent five years anywhere and has gotten nothing.

My cats are insane, but getting along very well.  Rufus is very much at home.

I just renewed my domain name and hosting... does this mean I'm going to do something with it?
» (No Subject)
Wow, LJ hit the free accounts with an ugly stick.
Not that the ads matter, Firefox blocks them.
It might be annoying but I'm kinda apathetic to it.
I'm not all that excited to pay for something I never use. XP

In other news, I discovered World of Warcraft.
I'm a certified addict now.
Speaking an someone who is hardcore against hunting...
I love skinning shit! @.@

All right, peace.

[EDIT: no Google Maps, not New Jersey. Azeroth.]
» (No Subject)
Don't have a lot of time before work this is just a quick update.
Kitty is a tom cat, big time, so no "found" posters.
He stayed over night to get snipped. Serinia's is going to pick him up for me while I'm at work.
As a tom, he cries a lot and mostly at night.
God I hope getting fixed fixes that.
» We have now reached the legal limit...

Today I found a cat in our driveway, watching the squirrels and birds feast on the seed I left for them. He wasn't stalking them, he was just watching.
He was super friendly, allowed me to pick him up.
I set him down, he followed me to my steps and walked in as I left the porch door open.
Max and Luthour are still adjusting to the interloper. Luthour is having a harder time then Max. New kitty just wants to be where the people are.
This picture was taken with a cheap digital camera, but it doesn't hide the fact he's dirty. I bought cat wipes to get worst of it; he's been tentatively cleaning himself as well.
One of the first things I noticed apart from the dirt, was that his front was much larger then his back. His head is massive and sides are sunken in, he's not emaciated though, thank god. He's been eating and drinking, I think he's also used the litter box.
My mother mentioned the cold snap, said he must have some frost bite if he was out in it. Sure enough his toes show signs of frost bite.
I left a message with the vet, I'm a little worried.
Hope everything works out, I like him a lot.

We've been calling him kitty; I think Nectarine is a cute name.
My mom suggested Loki which I also like.
Any thoughts?
» OMG!! Steph and Joy's magical adventure with Nintendo WiFi!!
I suppose I should preface this little tale with, I conned Joy into buying Final Fantasy 3 last night so I could exchange letters with her... and unlock the character class "Onion Knight". In order to exchange letters, we were under the impression we needed a friend code. I had one, she did not. What we needed was a wifi hotspot that would let us connect with our Nintendo DS.

Nintendo WiFi, not a friendly animal. Joy and I spent the better part of our day, while at work, hunting for a free wifi spot that would work. At first it started out as a lark, it quickly evolved into a mission. Joy spent thirty minutes or so outside the store walking from one fast food place to another looking for a damn free wifi spot. Downtown was not on our side.
We agreed to meet back at my place and just use my access point. Except we needed a WEP key... I didn't know what that was/is and Chris, our only source for this vital information, was on a plane and not available for comment.
This mission, then adventure, soon turned into a fucking saga. Makes me wonder why Joy is still my friend, because really this whole business was for my benefit.
We walked to a coffee shop, it was a bust. Drove to the nearest McDonalds, it was a bust. Drove to yet another McDonalds, gained access but had no clue how to send letters.
It was after much cursing and eating of nuggets that I figured one DS had to be sent to receiving. OMG! It worked!
We had become champions. Drove back to my place agreed never to speak of this again and then set to mailing each other so I could unlock my god damn Onion Knight Quest!
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